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Unlike bacterial probiotics… 

Florastor can be administered at the

same time as antibiotis

Bacterial probiotics should be administered at least two hours after
antibiotics due to potential susceptibilty to many oral antibiotics.

Recommend Florastor:

  • Florastor has been proven resistant to 16 of the most commonly prescribed oral antibiotics and can be administered at the same time as antibiotics1
  • Treatment with Florastor (S. boulardii CNCM I-745) reduced the risk of antibiotic associated diarrhea (AAD) in patients treated by antibiotics from 18.7% to 8.5% (RR: 0.47, 95% CI: 0.38-0.57) for a risk reduction of AAD by 53%2
  • Florastor (S. boulardii CNCM I-745) reduced the risk of recurrence of C. difficile disease when combined with antibiotics by preventing 66.6% of CDD compared with placebo (=0.05)3
  • Administering Florastor at the same time as antibiotics may save time and costs by reducing staff labor at long-term and acute care facilities, while improving patient compliance
  • Florastor costs less than other leading probiotic brands
  1. Neut C et al. Antibiotic susceptibility of probiotic strains: Is it reasonable to combine probiotics with antibiotics? Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses. 2017;47(7):477-483. doi:10.1016/j.medmal.2017.07.001
  2. Szajewska H, Kołodziej M. Systematic review with meta-analysis: Saccharomyces boulardii in the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2015;42(7):793-801. doi:10.1111/apt.13344
  3. Surawicz CM, et al. 2000. The search for a better treatment for recurrent Clostridium difficile disease: use of high dose vancomycin combined with S. boulardii. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2000;31(4):1012-1017. doi:10.1086/318130

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Contraindications and Safety Instructions: Florastor is contraindicated in patients having a central venous catheter, critically ill patients or immunocompromised patients due to risk of fungemia. Do not use Florastor for pre- or post-organ or bone marrow transplant patients. Do not use Florastor probiotics if allergic to any ingredients (especially yeast).

* IQVIA MIDAS 2020 (ATC: A7F) & IQVIA OTCims 2020 (OTC: 03F1/03D5) & Deduplication