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New Omni-Biotic Probiotics for Superior Bioavailability

New Omni-Biotic

Omni-Biotic, the leading probiotic in European hospitals, is now available in bar-coded/unit dose format for professional pharmacies. Its highly effective delivery mechanism results in significantly higher survival of probiotics to the gut.

Survival rates correlate to cost savings

Survival rates of Omni-Biotic probiotics and 2 leading US capsule brands were tested in an artificial gut system. 82% of Omni-Biotic probiotic bacteria survived their passage to the gut, compared to ≤ 14% in leading capsule brands. Thus, far less CFUs of probiotic are required to achieve the benefits. Bottom line: It saves you money.

How it works

Freeze-dried probiotic bacteria, activated with water prior to intake, are combined with prebiotic nutrients that strengthen the bacteria for their passage through the GI tract.

Targeted formulations address key clinical concerns

  • Gut restoration, AAD and C.Diff
  • Gut-Liver support

OMNi-BiOTIC Hetox - 30, 2.0 oz. Sachets Case Pack:8

$85.00 per box

OMNi-BiOTIC Discharge Kit - 30, 2.0 oz. Sachets, Mixing Cup

$49.99 per box

OMNi - BiOTIC AB 10 - 60, 2.0 oz.

$135.00 per box

OMNi-BiOTiC® probiotics are evidence-based formulations based on highest quality and research standards. The proprietary probiotic blend contains prebiotics and other nutrients which help the probiotics to thrive. Combined with our unique activation process, Omni-Biotic probiotics have shown a 83% CFU survival rate vs less than 5% for capsules in the large intestine.

Every strain is identified and analyzed in vitro to determine its particular mechanistic strengths. Every formulation is further designed and tested for synergistic performance in placebo controlled clinical trials. Each product also undergoes gastric resistance and metabolic activity analysis as well as extended real-time stability testing to ensure every serving delivers at full potency. Omni-Biotic probiotics come in bar coded/unit dose packaging designed for med management system automation.